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Giclee Reproductions
Custom pieces are available to your specifications ~ any size, shape or subject matter. You may email us or call 305-854-9485 to discuss the infinite possibilities. 

Here are a few examples of some large scale works of recent times

"Fiery Lights"
72"X48" oil on canvas

Moonrise at Sunset
(in progress)

commissioned  oil on canvas
PHOTO: Thierry Tastiel
work in progress August 2016
Photo: Thierry Tastiel


February 2011 CommissionFebruary 2011 Commission
"Dingo Driver, Cruisin' HWY 1 - (Basenji GPS)"
36" X 48" oil on canvas
Commissioned June 2015 by David Whitman of San Jose, CA

Strawberry Fields Forever  (Grapeleaves by the Bay)"
24" X 56" oil on canvas
Commissioned 2015 by Bill and Vicki Barke of Boston, MA

 "Dusk Over Fernandez Bay"
36" X 96"  on canvas

A Perfect day on the North Coast
42" X 84" oil on canvas- November 2009

Moon Shining on Molokai
60" X 108" oil on canvas - March 2006


Hibiscus by the Bay
48" X 78"
November 2005

in progress

Franna's Orchid 
( Phaleonopsis near Exuma)
August 2004

Summer Torch By the Sea
48" X 48"
oil on canvas
July 2004


"Another Gazania de Baja" 
54" X 84" oil on canvas
April 2004

photo: David Whitman

"Gazania de Baja"
54" X 79" oil on canvas

El Estudio de Arte en Baja CA Sur"
March 2004

Claret Cup Cactus in the Clouds
40"x 72" oil on canvas
February 2004

in progress

Latispatha Heliconia - 72" X 46" oil on canvas August 2002

completed August 2001
Stranger in Paradise
48" X 72" oil on canvas
click on image for more shots of this one

three sisters in the afternoon (in progress)

3 sisters in the afternoon 10' X 4' oil on canvas
Three Sisters in the Afternoon - March 2000

  In addition to the ever changing selection of paintings created for shows, or just because I want to, commissioned works are also available to your specifications of dimensions, concept, etc... the paintings shown here are recently commissioned large scale canvases.

Dusk In Western Antigua
Dusk In Western Antigua - 96" X 36" oil on canvas 1999

A Wild Evening In St. Ann in progress - photo: Mark Diamond
A Wild Evening in St. Ann (1998)

All images are copyright Lisa Remeny 1981 - 2015. All rights reserved.

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