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Pet Portaits!

Here is your opportunity to have your pet immortalized ....

Madison in the Sub Tropics

Molly, Floating Dog of the Redland
30" X 22" watercolour on paper

Zoey, Relaxing
20" X 16" w/c on paper

"Charlie in the Library"
11" X 16" watercolour on paper

"Annette, Lord of the Manor"
8"x 6"w/c


  3 easy steps to commission a portrait of your pet...

1. Find a photo of your pet you want used for creating the portrait. (Local collectors may opt to have the photograph shot by Lisa Remeny for an additional charge.)

2. Contact us by email or phone. Be ready to discuss the size, medium, price range and time frame with which you would like to have your piece completed. Paintings can range from $1200 for a small watercolour, upwards, depending on the size and medium used.

3. After all the details are set up, a 50% deposit is required to begin. The remaining 50% plus shipping is due when the painting is complete. 


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