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(virtual tour of last exhibit March 2002)


moonset over cat island
48" X 36" oil on canvas

At 25° North

(23rd November through 20th of December 2002)

3170 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, Florida


someone's in the kitchen with norman
36" X 72" oil on canvas

islamorada near dusk
36" X 60" oil on canvas

gordon's nymphaea
72" X 48" oil on canvas

inner sanctum
 72"X 48" oil on canvas

48" X 60" oil on canvas

clockwork bromeliad
6" X 8""w/c

red bromeliad
6" X 8" w/c

the day we called it a night
36" X48" oil on canvas

edge of the earth
a lovely day on exuma
9" X 11" w/c

daybreak in fiji
36" X 60" oil on canvas

moonset on the bay
8" X 6" w/c

you say it's your birthday
but you forgot to tell me you have a wife
20" X23" w/c

kitty boy at rest on a sunday afternoon

nine tulips

guido at le bistro
5" X 7" w/c

annabellas garden down by the river

8" X 6"

red costus
12" X 9" w/c

two dogs by the sea
11" X 15" w/c

another hog at fernandez bay
30" X 22" w/c 

bromeliad superb again
22" X 30" w/c

good morning rio!
30" X 22" w/c

yellow musa
30" X 22" w/c

wild banana
22" X 30" w/c

beached mango
a haden visits exuma
36" X 48" oil on canvas

full moon at the kampong
40" X 30" oil on canvas

sunday morning in jamaica
96" X 48" oil on canvas

All images are copyright © Lisa Remeny 1981 - 2005. All rights reserved.
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