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Archive "North Coast Overview"

Archive "North Coast Overview"

  • 24" x 18" on rag paper
  • SOLD
This was the view from my verandah in St. Mary, North Coast of Jamaica, overlooking our farm and the sparkling Caribbean sea. I feel like it was destiny for me to have this again, if only for a brief time, so that perhaps I may do a redux, larger scale, in oil, on canvas. Just have to find the right recipients for it.

Here is the backstory:
I lived on that hillside with Penley (AKA, The Bushdoctor) where we maintained a home for 11 years. We grew bananas, plantain, breadfruit, ackee, otaheite apples, guava, numerous varieties of mangoes, custard apple, neaseberry, cocoa, dasheen, yam, gorgeous ornamental plants in the garden and on the acre behind the house, the smokables; all manner of Caribbean delights!
It was a sweet life, one in which I spent many a day painting these watercolors, swimming in the nearby sea, contemplating what to cook for dinner, and just living a good life.
It made me a better artist. I had lots of time to create. I had the good fortune of connecting with a wonderful gallery near Ochi whom I maintained a friendship and a productive business relationship with for more than 3 decades. I wouldn't change an inch of it if I could.
One of these days I am going to gather more of these ancient images and post a special section on this site - so much to do!


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